Group Holidays and Events.  A great way to meet new people and join organised events.

What is Hooley Time?

We’ve now been running the club for 5 years, initially emerging via extended friends’ networks and steadily growing into a more formalised Club attracting down to earth, outgoing and active people who want to meet new people and join organised events and holidays.

The Atmosphere

It is very much a ‘house party’ style environment where everyone mucks in. The large majority are professionals with similar ‘Go-Getting and Down-to-Earth’ attitudes to life – making the most of our spare time and not taking life too seriously!


Holidays and Weekends away are both UK based and abroad, with people attending from all parts of the UK. Because the Club started 4 years ago by a group of Londoners and Midlanders – there is a fair following from these regions!

If you’d like to get involved in hosting an event in your area, please go to the ‘contact’ page and submit an e mail letting us know which area you are interested in – you just need to be sociable and outgoing and happy to talk to anyone!

What sort of people join?

Majority of members are professionals, coming from completely mixed industries – from the City, Charity and Social Media Sectors, to Artists, Doctors and Vets and we have lots of members who run their own businesses. We are down to earth and each event is a mix of new and existing network – new faces are always welcomed.

The network has grown as an extended group of sociable friends and we plan to continue to grow like this and keep the same energized and positive atmosphere.

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