We’re always looking for members to volunteer to help host some of our formal events and holidays. If you’re a regular member and this appeals to you – drop me an e mail to let me know that you’re interested and for more information about this. You won’t get involved in the admin, just the hosting on the night or holiday!

As a member, you can advertise on the website additional events and small holidays that you’d like to organise for Hooleytime friends and wider social network – drop us an e mail and if the timing & event fits well into the wider Hooleytime calendar, we’re happy to put them up, especially if it’s a charity fund raiser.

Events Across the UK

To complement the holidays and weekends away, we’re organising regular events in areas across the UK and to do this we need to find sociable and outgoing hosts who are happy to talk to anyone!
London is an established area with Bristol & Oxford also having regular events. We’d love to get other areas off the ground and we’re always looking for energetic people to get involved in hosting regular drinks, wherever you’re based.

If you’d like to get involved in hosting an event in your area and want to meet new and like-minded people – get in touch using the contact form under the tab ‘contact’ or call +44 783 4364174, letting us know which area you’re interested in – new or existing .
Helping to host drinks means literally that and apart from suggesting good venues, you won’t need to do any admin as it’s all centrally and website driven and we spread the word about new areas opening through the Hooleytime network and marketing tools.



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